Minimum preparation…Ok, now you’ve got clothes and shoes, are carrying a few essentials on your back, and have acquired some basic knowledge about living off the land, so your chance for survival in the ‘natural world’ is greatly improved. But beyond insuring basic survival, how much more knowledge and/or tools do you think you might need to construct a life that’s not only sustainable, but also reasonably comfortable?

The questions: You now know what you can eat, and have the necessary tools to ‘harvest’ what you need from the local environment. You also have chopping and digging tools, and some rope or twine so creating a rudimentary shelter (and refining it in time) is well within your grasp. And you brought some seeds along, perhaps some fishing line, and something with which you can transport and store water. What else did you stuff in your pack, or your brain? Keeping in mind that packing anything that will be quickly exhausted and doesn’t directly pertain to your sustainability is a waste of space. (Trail mix, toilet paper, or tampons, for example. ;-)