When the “party” is over, what will you do to survive?

Welcome to the Now What? project. Our goal is three-fold: First, to provide a simple, comprehensive blueprint for achieving self-reliance and a comfortable, sustainable lifestyle at the individual and/or family level. Second, to broaden and apply similar principles to the development of small sustainable communities. Third, to plant cultural seeds that in time will grow to produce a more desirable, sustainable future for all.

The Now What plan is divided into four steps. The first step outlines the essentials necessary for survival at its most rudimentary level (i.e., without tools, knowledge, or any previous experience). The second step includes the addition of basic knowledge, tools and supplies that will make it easy to transition from survival mode to a more sustainable way of life. The third step focuses on preparation of a simply designed, sustainable ‘retreat’ that can be occupied and made fully functional without any additional tools or supplies. And the fourth step focuses on how to transform that ‘retreat’ into a desirable model for future sustainable living.

[Two reasons for starting from a bare-assed state: 1) Best way to define absolutely essential ingredients; 2) Underscore the importance of being “grounded” in some first-hand understanding of reality. Also emphasize the need for a Parallel Track; i.e., the building blocks of long-term anticipatory change, and phase-related lifeboats in the event of catastrophic change.]

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